Massive attack on MS Exchange Servers

This is VERY serious. You should read this article.

Rule One: Don’t use MicroCrap anything!!!


Exchange is a mail server. Not sure what that has to do with RapidWeaver. Most people don’t choose their mail server, they get what’s given to them by their company or hosting company.

Unless you are setting up your own server, and are using Windows Server as the OS you don’t get to choose the mail server.


I know that this is not directly related to RW users, but among them, there might be a number of people who have their domains hosted on MS servers and those who have their mail handled by MS Exchange. Hence my warning to those people…

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I didn’t think Rapidweaver sites even work on IIS(windows server). I know the old knowledge base used to tell you not to use a windows server.

I have one site running on IIS built with RW. Of course you run into issues with configuration as there are no .htaccess files!