Master Style Theme only shows after clicking a link on the page

(Claes Meijer) #1

My website uses stacks, and is not very complicated. But I can’t figure out why, when I preview in Safari, the default theme style shows up. With borders. But when I click on the logo - which links to my domain - the correct style is applied and the site looks like I want it to…
I’m afraid to update my live site ( because I think I’ll break it. Any suggestions?

(scott williams) #2

Did you add anything that changed the page type from html to php?

(Claes Meijer) #3

Not that I know of. Settings indicate it should be html.

(mark hunter) #4

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are describing, but are you saying that in Rapidweaver Preview there is a problem, and if so is it OK if you Preview in Safari (cmd+P)?

A screen capture of what the issue is may help.



(Claes Meijer) #5

(Claes Meijer) #6

first: edit mode
2nd: preview
3rd: preview after one click (correct)

Same picture in Safari. First with borders (default Escape theme), then, after one click, the correct design.
I’ve already made the borders in the first preview the same as the background color, but it should be without borders at all.

(mark hunter) #7

What happens when you use cmd+P to preview it in a browser (rather than in Rapidweaver), which is Safari as default I think?

From your live site it looks like you have your images optimised to reasonable file size, I’ve had preview issues with lots of large images before.

Very doubtful that it’s causing your problem but to help with SEO you should name your images and give them an alt tag, rather than leave Stacks to name them as ‘stacks_image_176.jpg’ or similar.



(Claes Meijer) #8

When I use cmd-P the same happens as in RW preview: default theme - one click - edited master style.

You are right about the images, but since there are so many it’s still in my ‘to do basket’ :wink:

Thanks for trying!

regards, Claes

(Doug Bennett) #9

Looks like (at least the homepage) is HTML (no PHP). Publish to a local folder and preview with a browser. That should give the same results as publishing to your web server. You can also backup the existing site, before publishing.
Don’t know why the preview is bouncing around like that from within RW. That would be something for RealMac support, but they will need your project file.

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