Issue with layout with RWeaver 7.5.5

Hi all…

I have made my website using rapidWeaver 7 and it’s been working fine for the past few months.

I wanted to make a change on one of my pages by adding a new button and resource and the entire layout changes to vertical from horizontal when I preview it.

In the edit mode it looks fine, everything is horizontally stacked like it should be. But when I preview it all my links and images are vertical and much bigger in size and not useful at all. Even without any changes and opening my old saved project the preview is not as per the edit.
I’m using 7.5.5 with the new Big Sur update.

Is there any fix for this? Am I doing something wrong?

Any help will be much appreciated!

It’s really hard to say what might be causing the problem without more information.

What kind of page (styled text, stacks, blog, etc,)?

You said you added a new button, how? Was it code a button stack or something else?

You said you added some resources, what resources?

What theme are you using?

Could you give us some screenshots of what happened.

That could be the issue. I don’t know if there’s issues with BIg Sur and RW7? I know RW8 was tested with BS, but I don’t know about RW7.

Thanks for your reply!

These are the screenshots from edit mode and preview…

I think I’m using YourHead stacks for buttons headers etc… no coding

As you can see in the edit mode its all horizontal how I need it to be, but in preview the layout changes completely and becomes vertical and magnified.

Is this happening on a published page or just preview?

Have you tried preview in the browser?

I don’t remember exactly how to do that in RW7. There was a way to preview with a browser. In RW8 you right click on the page and one of the options allows you to do that.

Yes its happening when I preview in the browser too…

cmd+p will open the preview in safari.

That’s whats worrying me… if it looked fine in the browser I would have published it. but since the browser also shows the same vertical magnified images and text I cannot publish.

Since it does the same thing when you preview in the browser, i’d guess it’s something to do with the theme or other styling.

It’s about impossible to help you out here without seeing a page live on the webserver. The screenshots look like you are using a yourhead 3-column stack on the home page and for some reason, the 3 columns look like it’s stacking horizontally like it’s on a small(mobile) screen.

I understand not wanting to publish the site with this current issue, but for you to get help with this you’ll need to publish at least one ”test” page for someone to look at the code.

Here’s how you can proceed to put out a test page.

  1. Duplicate the home page since it shows the issue
  2. Rename the new page folder to something like test
  3. Uncheck the box to show in navigation
  4. Uncheck the boxes to index and follow the page
  5. Publish the single page

Once you have the test page published then you should be able to post a link to that page so people can review and help.

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If you can send me the RW file, I would happy to take a look through it for you.

Ok I have done till point no 4
Can you tell me how to publish a single page? And would I be publishing this to my current domain name? I wouldn’t want to erase my entire website by mistake…

Right-click on the page that you are ready to publish and one of the options is to publish.

OK got it… thanks!

But if I publish that page what happens to my current website which is online? I don’t want to mess that up since I won’t be able to go back…
All the changes I’m making are to the original project itself…
Sorry I’m asking too many questions :confused: I don’t know what happens otherwise

If you followed steps 1-4 you are creating a new page that’s not in navigation and not being indexed in a new directory(folder) called test.

The only way to get to it would be to have the URL. I don’t know your websites address but it would be something like //

Once the test is done you can delete the page from the project and delete the directory on the webserver.

Well, I always assume that people have backups and have a good backup process in place and use it. With something reliable and easy to use like TimeMachine included with the OS, I just make that assumption.

If you don’t have a backup process in place you should get that figured out ASAP. In the meantime, you can always duplicate the project file manually by right-clicking it in finder.

(This might be the same issue as this post @isaiah)

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I can verify this is a bug Stacks 4.1x when using RW7.

@isaiah: this one is easy to reproduce. Simple launch RW7 and put a two column or any of the column stacks onto a page. Preview the page (either in preview or a browser) and you will get a 404 not found on the stacks.css file:

I haven’t tested this with a published site myself, but it looks like it works upon publishing per this post:

i think this is the same bug as in this thread: Stacks 4 update - my 2 x columns are all stacked as if on mobile

It’s a problem with RW7 Preview mode (in the app or in the browser – doesn’t make much difference) – but it should not be a problem in edit mode or the published page. RW7 Preview has a unique folder structure that Stacks 4.1 isn’t accounting for correctly and didn’t get picked up in my automatic testing. Sorry about that. I should be able to correct this in v4.1.3

If you’d like to keep track of my progress on this, I’ve filed it here in our public bug tracker.


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Thanks for that!

Yes you’re correct. There is no issue once published on the server its only in preview mode that it looks all wrong.

I made the required changes and republished it… you can see it here

Thanks everyone for the support!

Hopefully we’ll be done with this next Stacks update soon, which should address this problem.

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