Site preview vs actual published site

Using Rapidweaver 7 and Stacks 3 (both latest versions), I worked on a new site for myself. I did a lot of tweaking and was surprised at how different some things looked once actually published and viewed in Safari vs. previewed in Rapidweaver.

The site:

The main problem is the grid in Safari on my iMac (Useful Grid stack, Stacks4Stacks) it has a large margin to the right that is not present in Preview, nor on my iPhone. It happens when the window is quite wide but goes away if you narrow the window. The stack has dynamic sizing turned on.

The other problem was that the header text turned out a lot larger in Safari on my iMac than it previewed in RW, and then a lot smaller than expected on my iPhone. I’ve already tweaked the sizing to make them better when published but it is jarring to see the difference. I used the HeaderPro stack from Big White Duck.

You mean, changing from edit to preview mode inside RW itself, or previewing your website locally with Safari (right mouse click on page → preview in …).

Remember that the preview directly inside RW is performed with another (afaik) WebKit engine and not directly with the engine used in Safari. @Isaiah can be more detailed :slight_smile:

Yes, using the preview mode in RW itself. I have never seen such a difference before. I guess I don’t do enough sites to run across this. Kind of pointless to use RW’s preview mode then, I guess, except to get a rough idea.

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