Matomo installation

Why is Matomo (previously known as Piwik) installation on the server (Go Daddy hosting) so complicated?
Is there any suggestion for other free analytics ? I am looking for a basic model to study who visits the website and from which part of the world!

You can use Google Analytics, which is free.


Open Web Analytics

Is Daddy’s PHP version too old or smt?

Matomo usually works very easily, however there is more usually a lot of complaints or problems when people are using Go Daddy hosting.

I don’t have Go Daddy myself, are you installing Matomo directly from them or are you using a package that Go Daddy has provided?

It’s more than likely a go daddy issue. You didn’t say what exactly the problem you’re having with installation.
Google mentioned above is easy and kinda free. No cost other then your customers privacy.


Appreciate that info - didn’t know about that one, downloaded, easy install, good stats!

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Thank you for all the responses, truly appreciate it.
@teefers yes the problem seems to be a Go Daddy issue (although they say it should be compatible), the reason I have not mentioned the exact problem- I kinda dont know where to start!
@Fuellemann I tried Google analytics for a couple of days and also tried a free Cloud version of Matomo- I definitely preferred Matomo . I just wish they had a basic free cloud version. What I need is not worth the $9 per month cloud option they provide and I dont have the time or energy or knowledge (more than I have already spent) to figure out the go daddy+matomo cocktail… so am moving on…
I found StatCounter. They seem to have a basic version which will serve perfectly well for now and my partner has been using it in his website for over a year now and he is happy with it. Am going to give it a try.
But thank you for the responses, thankful for this community …

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Try another hosting company? I’ve used Matomo for about 5 years now. Love it.


If your needs are very basic, The Stats stack may do the trick.

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Hi @Ash

Some hosts, like Chillidog Hosting, offer application installers. It’s a simple one-click install to install tools like Matomo :slight_smile:




Actually, Godaddy has an application installer called Installatron. One of my clients has a Godaddy account (pre-paid for three years just before I re-designed her site) and I installed it there with no problem. However unlike my sites hosted on Chillidog, the Godaddy installer does not even offer the major Matomo updates, and also cannot be updated from the “automatic update” link on the Matomo page itself - it always fails. Whereas the sites on Chillidog can be updated easily to the current release either through the Softaculous installer or from the “automatic update” link on the Matomo page with one click. To make matters worse for some reason I cannot login via FTP to the Godaddy account on my Spectrum ISP account, a situation that others here have reported and in my case neither Godaddy or Spectrum could tell me why or offer a solution. So to update Matomo on that Godaddy account I have to use my the hotspot on my cell, and it takes 45 min to an hour to upload the update, not because my cell connection is slow, but because of the relatively large size of Matomo. In fact, I have to use the hotspot to access the ftp or to publish with RW to that Godaddy account.

All that to say the Matomo installation and updates work as they should on Chillidog hosted sites - with 1 click, whereas the Godaddy installation is impossible to update other than re-uploading the entire Matomo update manually, which is arduous at best.

I’ll be quite happy when my client’s Godaddy account ends in 2 years and I can move her off Godaddy to Chillidog, and also have free SSL, which of course is not an option with Godaddy.


Hey that’s great news @barchard :slight_smile:
@Ash Can recommend Chilldog Hosting that has great support!

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I just installed Matomo via Chillidog/Softaculous. Really easy.



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