Max Size of Photo Gallery?

I just dropped about 600 photos on top of a gallery page and was stunned that how bad the performance of RW was. It appears to single threaded! Not only that but it times out and doesn’t generate all the thumbnails. A standard day with the family on an outing will generate 1000+ photos easily and I want to just point the wife at a photo album and let her pick the ones the wants to share. Is it me or is RW really this limited in its ability to handle that many images?

OMG you just dropped 600 photos on a web page and expected all would go swimmingly. I am stunned at your assumption.

Here are some key issues:

  • how big are the photos?
  • no this is not surprising
  • RW, like other web development tools, will be limited due to what you are doing

I know this is not a kind reply, and I apologize for that. But you really do need a rethink about how the web works.

My guess is first and foremost you need to tell us about the size of the images. If you trying to upload original, out of the camera, images then you need to first learn about resizing and optimizing images right away.

My guess is there are better solutions than what you are trying now. Some of them may work pretty well if you have good control over image sizes. And you’d certainly want to use less than 600 at a time. But wouldn’t be much simpler to have your wife look on your computer and select? Then upload to the web the images you really want to share with a wider audience.


I completely agree with @Mathew.

Your expectations in regard to handling photos by RW are unrealistic, to say the least.

First of all, photos need to be processed before using them for web. Secondly, using 600 photos on a single page is absurd, on more levels than one.

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It sounds like you are trying to use RapidWeaver for photo storage and sharing service.

You might want to consider something like Flickr, Adobe Portfolio or Apple’s iCloud Albums.


Thanks for the response. There 25MP and with a 12 core mac( Hyper-threading makes it show up as 24 ) yea, id expect multi threading to kick in and create those thumbnails. I just wrote an app last night on my windows machine to resize them and I restricted it to only 4 threads and it finished in under 3 minutes. I think what I was expecting was RW to use multi threading approach to create the thumbnails and then give me an option of something like 25 images per page. Of course trying to display that many images on one page is going to take a while but RW wasnt even able to generate the thumbnail for all the pages. I’m not trying to be negative, so I was assuming It was an issue between my keyboard and my chair :slight_smile:

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