Photo albums--lots of photos and photo categories--need a theme/stack suggestion

Long time (10+ years) RW user here.

I have a site that I manage with about 300 photos, and over 100 category pages that photos go into. Most photos go into 5-10 category pages. All full size photos have captions, the captions are pulled automatically from iPhoto descriptions. I’m using RW5 which uses iPhoto albums for photo pages.

and for an example of a photo album.

I need a theme or stack that will serve similar functionality and appearance, and most importantly, the ability to easily put a photo into many different categories, or easily delete a photo from many different categories (inventory is always changing.) Also, I need a similar functionality to how RW5 photo album page pulls captions from iPhoto descriptions.

Do you have any suggestions?

In the limited research I’ve done, it seems like moving all those iPhoto albums to Photos iCloud albums might work, and then maybe use a stack like instacks Gallery Stack that integrates with iClould albums. But I’m not totally sure if this will work the way I want.

Do you think that is a good solution, or Is there another way you’d suggest?

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Take a look at this:
notice that it scales.

The captions are a check box away.

Thanks, very nice pics. The thing I am most concerned about is the workflow of putting 300 photos into 100+ different categories with the same kind of ease that I have now (just drop the photo into desired category folders in iPhoto). I am not clear on how this would be done with the stacks that exist such as instacks gallery or stacks4stacks progallery.

All of the pics are saved in folders on my server…
After you put things in folders…all you have to do to update is change the pics on the server.
You do know iPhoto is a DEAD product!

Ok let’s say I have 100 folders on my server, each representing a different category that photos go in. And let’s say a particular photo is in 20 folders/categories. I want to delete that photo from the site altogether, delete it from all the categories. That means I have to delete it from 20 folders individually? Because that’s a lot of work. With iPhoto I just delete the photo from iPhoto and it’s deleted from all the folders it’s in.

I am regularly deleting photos as the items are sold. So having to delete from each folder is not the ideal way fo doing things.

I understand iPhoto is discontinued, which is why I am trying to find a new way to do things.

I haven’t used the iCloud option, but @instacks Gallery 3 has an iCloud Album option.

I don’t know what it does about captions.

I don’t know if it suits your needs, but Instacks Repository stack is very useful for organising warehoused photos/files. You would have to link them individually to your folders, but once deleted from Repository, all would go.

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When using iCloud photo albums, captions are pulled from the photo comments.

Ok thanks. In the “Justified Grid - Photobox Lightbox” demo, the caption texts are all quite short, and all are on one line. Is there a character limit for captions? If they are longer than one line will they be cut off? Many of my captions are 100-130 characters.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’m checking this out.

They aren’t cut of. 130 chars shouldn’t be a problem. Just don’t write essays :wink:

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