Maximal Design Style Modules

Maximal Design Style Modules

Long, long ago, in those wild pioneering days along the lawless frontiers of Stacks 1 & 2, it was an exciting time to be weaving. And dangerous.

RapidWeaver old-timers may recall my early Quantum Weaving templates. Big White Duck’s Andrew Tavernor certainly does — he used them in his first project. And while I’d like to think my very basic designs inspired him to develop his masterful suite of stacks — if only because genius flowers in the heart of chaos — the truth is likely far removed.

Nevertheless, the atomic core of these new Style Modules are Big White Duck’s most powerful stacks. Coupled with Joe Workman’s Foundation, they make a truly formidable team with great potential, and give extremely handsome and talented Weavers like myself the means to achieve responsive designs that take RapidWeaver and Stacks projects to exciting new heights of style and excellence that have until now been unattainable.

And now I feel fortunate that I can pass these benefits on to you with my shiny new Maximal Design Style Modules.

What They Do
Maximal Design Style Modules solve a common problem for Weavers like us who need to stand out in a highly competitive market: how to quickly and easily add real professional style and individuality to our RapidWeaver projects so that they give us an immediate edge on our competitors, and our clients the quality and individuality they secretly desire but think they can’t afford.

What They Are
Each Maximal Design Style Module is a fully responsive, highly configurable, individually styled and self-contained section of a Stacks page that can be copied and pasted into any other Stacks page. All you need to do is customise it to your needs: replace text and images with your own content, configure the Google Font pairings, tweak colours, shadows and gradients, and you’re good to go.

What You Get
There are five packs in the Duck Soup bundle — Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo and Zeppo — which you can either buy individually or as a bundle. Each pack contains a RapidWeaver project file with five Stacks pages full of modules. In total there are 154 modules.

If you’d prefer to buy a single pack before upgrading to the bundle, no problem. Simply get in touch when you’re ready for the bundle and we’ll send you a discount code.

Foundation Version (Included)
If you’re a Foundation user then you’ll really feel the benefit when you use our recommended Foundation version for instant and easy deployment in any Foundation project.

Universal Version (Included)
This version does not require Foundation and should work in most Stacks pages and in most responsive themes — although they’ll probably need some extra tweaking. Obviously we can’t guarantee every module will work perfectly with every theme, so if in doubt, feel free to ask us first.

No Code Required
Simply Copy and Paste, Drag and Drop, Tweak and Twerk.

Sorry, Not for Beginners
These modules are ideal for learning advanced RapidWeaver and Stacks design techniques, and are intended for intermediate and advanced users with the necessary skills and attributes to learn through experimentation, deconstruction and reconstruction.

Manual? Nope.
If step-by-step documentation and manuals are your preferred method of learning then this product is not for you.

Although my support does not include teaching you how to use any of the associated third-party products, there are a great many resources in the RapidWeaver community to help you become proficient in RapidWeaver, Stacks, Joe Workman’s Foundation Docs, the Weaver Space Forum and of course the RapidWeaver Forum here, as well as all the tutorials and downloadable examples you’ll find on the Big White Duck pages of the stacks used in these modules.

Pre-Sales and Other Questions:
Ask them here or in the RapidWeaver Central Weavers Space here.

I’ll be holding a series of live help and tutorial sessions — through Zoom — in the coming days and weeks, so keep an eye on the RapidWeaver Central Weavers Space where I’ll be announcing them. Purchasers will also be invited by email.

That said, we’re live. For the full story, go here:



Just got the whole set of Duck Soup packs, unbelievable so much creativity available…
Thank you @Marten_Claridge for all the work put in the awesomeness.

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These modules are utterly stunning. In a world of bland web content, @Marten_Claridge has brought us publication quality polish and style - so impressed.

Many designers scour other sites and Instagram collections for ideas. Here you have a ton of ideas but in RW project form ready to use. What a time saver.


You used the “button bar” stack and this stack is nowhere.
Not available yet from BWD.
So what can I do to use the modules correctly ?

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Hi Philippe.

As I explained in my email to you yesterday, the inclusion of the Button Bar stack in the packs was an oversight on my part, a simple mistake.

For those seven of you early adopters who downloaded this version, the explanation is simple: I use Big White Duck’s prototype Button Bar on the website examples of the five packs… but they should not have been included in the product packs themselves.

I have now corrected this error and you can now download the latest version of all the packs from the download links in your invoice. Sorry for the misunderstanding!


In the top 1% of most beautiful Rapidweaver pages I have ever seen. These are up there with top-agency-lead-dev-top-price products. The effort that must have gone into these to get from vision to a downloadable reality is, frankly, staggering. I instinctively clicked on ‘view-source’ just to check that I was actually looking at a RW page.

To look at these then remind oneself what the base RW software ships with… the mind boggles. You’ve flown to the moon in a spaceship made of melted down baked beans cans! 154 modules of that quality? I’m stunned.


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Holy sh1t! These are beyond belief. Downloaded one as a test and am coming back for the rest…

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Thanks, @klaatu — and I love the analogy! The only thing I would add would be the name of the spaceship — Serenduckity.



As many of you know, I have been a long-time user of RapidWeaver. Most of you probably don’t know that eleven YEARS ago, I was hired on as a part-timer with a fabulous company, maintaining their websites that someone else had built. When they asked me to build a new site, I turned to RapidWeaver - and promptly got stuck with CSS questions. I requested assistance right here on this forum, and Marten stepped up and walked me through issue after issue. Long story short- I impressed the head of IT and was shortly thereafter offered a full-time job. Ten years later, I’m still here - loving what I do for a living.

Our normal process for building a new site is to have a professional graphic artist design the site, and I then execute it. This works great, as I’m really not a graphic artist. I imagine a lot of people using RapidWeaver aren’t either. And, this is where Marten’s modules really shine.

I was just hired to build a small (four page) site for a new consulting firm (by an individual, not my 9-5 job). Rather than start from scratch, I immediately purchased one of these modules - and within three hours had 80% of the site finished. And, it looks FANTASTIC! Once the site goes live, in early January, I will post the URL here for all to see. In the meantime, I just wanted to say that I’m a very happy customer - my small investment in Marten’s modules made me look like a star!

Oh, and on a side note, I participated in his first learning seminar yesterday - he was happy to take what I’ve done and SHOWED me how to manipulate the settings to make my work even better. I highly, highly recommend that if you’ve bought his modules, that you take the time to participate in one of his teaching conferences…it’s well worth the time.

(and, in case anyone’s wondering - no, I was not comped a set of his modules, nor do I have anything to do with his company. I’m just a very happy customer!)

All the best,



Fantastic - just spent a couple of weeks working up a real understanding of BWD stacks. As great as they are, they can be quite time-consuming fiddling away to get the best out of them. Foundation I’ve been using for some time though. I just purchased all of your style modules and by judicious cutting and pasting are introducing some pretty cool stuff - with minimal effort into my site. There seems to be a ‘new’ group of devs gradually evolving around Foundation, Foundry etc that pretty much knock themes on the head, for the likes of me.
Keep up your output - I’m sure you’ve got more to offer.


Glad you find them useful, Ken, and as you suggest, they’re perfect for learning how to get the best out of Big White Duck’s stacks. Although some of @tav’s stacks have a daunting array of settings, you can achieve some really masterful results using just a basic few.

And that’s where these Style Modules shine — you can see exactly which settings I’ve used for my designs, and forget the rest until you’re confident enough to explore all the other things his stacks can do.


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Your modules are missing the following:

  1. First Aid.
    I needed First Aid to pick up my jaw off the floor when I saw how beautiful your modules were.

  2. Some sort of decision-making assistant.
    Each module contains several gorgeous designs. I’m going to have to spend hours just staring at the contents, trying to decide which amazing design to use.

  3. A calming tea.
    Now that I’ve seen your modules, I’m overwhelmed with excitement! With each view, I think of how I could use just a tiny fraction of the bounty that each package contains. My heart starts racing and then I think of other ideas, and then other ideas, and then other ideas…

For the sake of my health, I’m going to have to start with one package, and then check for new jaw injuries. I’m also going to have to watch my heart rate before I continue with the rest of them.




Exacly that was my experience indeed @Adiantum
Can’t stop the looking and the ideas popping up!
Love it…

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Absolutely fantastic modules @Marten_Claridge - really great work and ounces of effort and care gone into these. Anyone designing sites should pick these up to look amazing and save a lot of time and stress sweating over the finer details.

Great execution! :slight_smile:



Hi Larry,

I apologise for the shameful omissions in my module packs.

  1. It’s understandable: I do have beautiful modules.

  2. As you know I only have your continued good health at heart. Which is why I recommend you save yourself the pain and stress of indecision — not to mention years of regret and self-loathing — by simply buying all my products without thought or hesitation. Your spouse will understand and love you even more for it.

  3. May I recommend LSD? It certainly worked for me when designing the modules.



Maximal Design Module Help & Tutorial Sessions

  • Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017 at 5:00pm (GMT)
  • Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017 at 5:00pm (GMT)
  • Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017 at 5:00pm (GMT)
  • Wednesday, Dec 20, 2017 at 5:00pm (GMT)

If you’d like to attend one of these sessions please register below.

  1. Please only register if you are absolutely sure you are going to attend.

  2. Successful registrants will be notified by email and asked to bring a specific module or current work-in-progress to the session for hands-on help or tuition.


wow this is a great opportunity! Would be great if these are recorded and made available later because I have conflicting schedule this week.

Will it be recorded? I am Deaf and it would be easier for me it if was recorded then uploaded to YouTube to have it auto generate subtitle for me to read what being said during sessions. YouTube system is getting pretty good at auto generating subtitles as long person have a good microphone and doesn’t have too much accent in their voice.

Reference my reply in the Rapidweaver Central weaver space:

Because of the nature and format of these closed-door help and tuition sessions - they are not webinars - and the fact that some participants do not wish to be recorded, I feel it would therefore be inappropriate to make them available to the public.

Sorry, @TechBill , but we’ll have to figure out another way to help you when you need it.


of course you can record solely yourself and not others