Shout Out to Marten Rapidweaver Central

I make my living via Rapidweaver. So the crucial part is getting stuff done in 10 hours rather than 100.

Im not saying I have mastered it. BUT I just revisited Rapidweaver Central

I bought the duck soup templates a while ago and had forgotten about them.

WOW … I have just run up a good looking site in an afternoon !

Not being paid by Marten I swear … but for anyone who doesnt know about this “make you look really good fast” trick. Its a seriously wonderful helping hand.


Marten is a legend. A true gentlemen and a master of the craft. Rapidweaver would not be the same without his immeasurable contributions, and support over the years. Quantum weaving, Maximal design… Duck soup they are all representative of Marten’s innate grasp of how to enable and empower weavers everywhere.


I agree indridcold, sometimes when I’m freaking I pay Marten to walk me through stuff and I always end up thinking WOW if I had had a teacher like Marten when I was at school … I might have been an improved version of me!
The brilliant thing is I have just realized that I have all the Quantum Edge modules too.
I got them all, when I had to impress a giant client … which went well (thanks to Marten, Joe Workman and Co (Zeebee) and Greg at Chillidog.
Then outside influences meant I had to leave Rapidweaver suddenly for a few months.
I just forgot I had all these modules. Its like Christmas. I feel so inspired now that I have rediscovered them.

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Thanks, @Figory — the cheque’s in the post.

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