Maximise, minimise, close button colour

This is a bug maybe - some time ago when I upgraded to 10.14 I was using the Mac graphite scheme for the MMC buttons. I then changed it back to the standard ‘traffic light’ scheme. Every app on my Mac swapped across - with one exception… RW8. Any thoughts on how I can clear this? I thought about reinstalling but can’t face the pain of reinstalling all the addons - and would it cure the problem?06 19

Oh, I learned something new today. I didn’t know there was still a way to get macOS to do all-grey traffic-light buttons anymore when using Mojave. I thought it had gone the way of the dodo.

Saying that, I did manage to eventually figure out how (you have to set the “Accent color” setting to the grey bullet at the far right).

But I wasn’t able to see any odd behavior in RW. Either when in graphite mode or color mode. Can you explain in more detail how to make the bug happen? And what bug you see?

The screenshot you’re showing above has RW in the background in the color variant – in which case all windows show gray disabled buttons in both modes – so it’s not 100% clear why you included that shot. Perhaps just a description of what you’ve already posted to clarify would be enough.


Thanks for your response. I’m all for the less is more idea - too much choice with ‘Accent Colour’ IMO.

Look again and you should see that I posted two screenshots - one with RW window in focus and one with System Prefs window in focus. RW is ‘graphite’, System Pref’s is ‘colour’. That’s the extent of the bug. RW is the only app I have that behaves like this.

I suppose I’ll have to live with it unless there’s one of those User/Library files I can chuck out…

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