Return of an old bug in RW7?

I have had several instances lately where RW7 simply stops being responsive to changes, so I’ll click on a stack and nothing happens. It won’t even highlight the stack.

Unlike RW6 when this happened I can at least save the project file now and it starts working again once RW7 is restarted but it just feels like Rapidweaver runs out of puff if you are working for say half an hour or more and making lots of frequent changes. I am on a Mac Pro with 32 gigs of Ram and no other application on my computer suffers from similar behaviour.

There is something odd with stacks I am not sure if its stacks or RW I just save often just like every other app that acts up like dare I say MS Word

Yes I don’t know 100% if it’s Stacks or RW but at a certain point it just stops responding and I hadn’t seen anything like this in RW6 for sometime but it’s quite regular in RW7. It happens to coincide with the upgrade to Stacks 3.1 though.

I’ve been building a new site for the last few days so I’ve been making rapid, continuous changes and that is what seems to cause this. It only kicks in after 30-60 minutes of continuous changes.

It happens to me, too. Like @scottsteven, I try to remember to save as often as is feasible…