Media browser not working in Rapidweaver 7

Ever since I upgraded to Rapidweaver 7, my Media Browser in Rapidweaver is not working. It’s showing only movies from my Photos app even though I have over 8,000 photos in the app. Take a look at this screen shot and you will see what I mean. Notice it shows 25 movies at the bottom of the window. Where are all my photos?


Here’s a screen shot showing how many photos are in my Photos app.


Any ideas why this is happening?

I have nearly the same problem since i upgraded ti RW 7.1.3, today. It’s showing only photos on my Photo app but not the other folders as usual. I don’t know what to do…

This has been an ongoing issue with me since the upgrade 7.0 many weeks (months?) ago. I’ve contacted RealMac support and they are dumbfounded and have provided no solutions. If you get it figured out, please let me know. I only see the videos in my Photos app and not the 8,500+ photos.

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I have the same problem.
When I click on a photogallery icon image in Safari, I get just the image at the top of the screen on a white page.
When do the same in Firefox, I also get just the image, however centered on the screen on a black page.
There is no Java-Code executing and I am not directed to the gallery.
I have emptied the browser caches before.
… now back in Rapidweaver 6, which works fine. Very disappointing.