Photos not connecting to Media Browser in Rapidweaver

(Ron Belisle) #1

My photos in the Photos app on my Mac is not connecting to the Media Browser in Rapidweaver. I have no way to get photos into Rapidweaver except to download them from Photos to my desktop and then manually import them into my Rapidweaver project.

Please help.

(Brian LaPan) #2

Is your Photos app open when you start Rapidweaver?

(Ron Belisle) #3

I usually start Rapidweaver before I open Photos, but not all the time.

(LJ) #4

Photos should not need to be open.

(Ron Belisle) #5

Probably 90% of the time, Photos is not open when I open Rapidweaver. My Media Browser in Rapidweaver still does not show any photos from Photos even though there are about 8,000+ in the Photos library. Any ideas why? This started when I upgraded to Rapidweaver 7 from Rapidweaver 6.x.

(LJ) #6

no idea at all i’m afraid. Could try shutting everything down and boot up again after 30 seconds or so. Fixes all sorts of woes!

(Doug Bennett) #7

Same issue?