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YourHead Status Report

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a furious plugin releasing bent for the past week or so. I’ve been bringing some of the older plugins up to snuff with RapidWeaver 8.3 and adding Catalina Notarization and Code-Signing too.

I know most of the focus is on Stacks now – which is awesome. I hope you’re all loving Stacks 4, I put a huge amount of myself in that release. But some of the older sites need these old plugins to keep on running – so although we don’t make a ton of money on most of these – I think it’s important that I keep them running for as long as I can.

This Catalina Notarization business has been a lot more difficult than I budgeted for – but our build system is finally churning out notarized builds – so all is well that ends well, I suppose. I still have a few plug-ins yet to finish, but I think there’s a good chance they’ll be done before Catalina ships.

If you are an older plugin fan, please help me test these builds – let me know if you encounter any problems. I’m updating these things to improve compatibility and even give the UI a bit of a polish in a couple cases – so let me know what you think.

Thanks and happy weaving,



Catalina Support To Do List:

Plugin version in beta Catalina Compatible
Accordion v1.9.2 :white_check_mark:
Blocks v3.5.2 :white_check_mark:
Collage v2.5.0 :white_check_mark:
FAQMaker v3.1.0 :white_check_mark:
Flow v1.8.2 :white_check_mark:
Lockdown v3.1.1 :white_check_mark:
PlusKit v4.2.0 :white_check_mark:
Stacks 4 v4.0.3 :white_check_mark:
Stacks 3 v3.6.8 :white_check_mark:
SiteMap v3.2.0 beta 1 :soon:

Note: This will be the final version of Lockdown. We will begin sunsetting this plugin over the next few months. It will still be supported, updated, and bug-fixed for at least another year. But we will stop selling new licenses at the end of the year.

Update Oct 2: I’m adding Collage to the “done” list. It is available for auto-update now and will be posted for general download and to our plugin archive in an hour or two.

Update Oct 4: FAQMaker is done – with some improvements to the UI and support for dark mode too. Watch for the auto-update in about an hour or whenever the Notarization confirmation comes back from Apple. I’ve also added version numbers to the list above, just in case you want to verify.

Update Oct 6: SiteMap beta is out. It has some significant under the hood fixes for some of the little gotchas that snuck in with the RW 8.x releases. The changes are so big that we can’t just launch this one immediately – it needs to have a bit of beta testing before I feel comfortable releasing these changes. If you want to help beta test jump over to out Slack channel to download:
To sign up:
To sign in:

Update Oct 7: Lockdown v3.1.0 is out and it fixes many small issues as well as Catalina Compatibility. PlusKit is out too. There are currently no known bugs in PlusKit (which is pretty nice) so we just added the Catalina notarization. We always do a beta of PlusKit just due to the complexity of the plugin – but it will be a short beta. Expect both of the betas to be out for final release a day or two.

Update Oct 8: Lockdown v3.1.1 fixes a pretty bad error in the final release build that didn’t show up in our internal builds. I’ve pushed this fix out immediately for all users.
And I’ve pushed the final release of PlusKit 4.2.0 out to all users.


Good work
Thank you.

How do I download for an update, Collage. When I try to run it Catalina states it cannot verify it to be virus free?

Thank you for the heads up and your commitment to users. SiteMap and PlusKit are indispensable for my site.

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@DWB – good news this morning. i should have a beta of sitemap ready sometime today. i’m not moving directly to release as sitemap is actually pretty complicated under the hood and in order to fix a few of the outstanding bugs i had to touch a bit of the older code that i wasn’t familiar with. i’m going to release this one as a beta and let a few brave souls test it out first, then release the final (assuming all goes well) at the end of the week.

if you’d like to be one of the brave souls, head over to our Slack channel – i’ll post the download links to the slack channel as soon as it’s ready – maybe very soon. everyone is welcome.

To sign up:
To sign in:

See how those URLs are symmetrical? I’m especially proud of that. :slight_smile:

Update: Beta posted. Jump over to the slack channel and grab it for a trial. You can always switch back easy enough. :smiley: Have fun.


Lockdown v3.1.1 doesn’t seem to work with High Sierra. I had to revert to 3.0.0 to get it working again. Fortunately I could download the old version from your website still.

Can you tell me what problems you encountered.

The page is not visible in edit mode.
If you click on it, the page is displayed you clicked before.

This was the bug that existed in v3.1.0, but it was corrected in v3.1.1. Are you certain that you tried v3.1.1? Did you restart RapidWeaver after installing it?

I followed the update instruction, but did not check the version afterwards.

We had an update the very next day. I suspect you were still on v3.1.0 – which did contain a rather strange build error that showed up as a blank screen for some users.

v3.1.1 fixes it. it should be good to go now. :smiley:

Thank you. It’s now working.
Have a nice day.

I now have an error message “The collage2” plug in is missing.
How do I download it again as it seems to be deleted from my Catalina system. I don’t want to purchase it again.
Catalina does that if you are not quick enough to say no to the tab message.
Thank you.

To download Collage:

  1. Go to the collage page:
  2. Click the Free Download button.

Brilliant all installed.
Thank you.

Isiah, I currently use RW7 which is more than sufficient for my needs. Just opened it for the first time since moving to OS Catalina earlier this week & received waring message about 2 plugins, Collage2 & Sitemap. Collage2 is pretty critical to my site maintenance since the site is photography & all my galleries are built using this plug in. The specific “error” message received for both was " “Collage2.rapidweaverplugin” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.. I’ve used the “Check for updates” facility which reports that all is up to date.

Is there an ETA for the update to SiteMap Plus. Current version is 3.11 which does not work on Catalina.


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