Memership- personal profile daily update

Hi, I’m looking for a stack that would let members log into a profile page and log their daily activites such as what they ate for the day, how much they slept and if they exercised. Can this be done through sitelock? Any help or insight on how to do this is greatly appreciated!!

It all depends how you want the data presented.

A simple CMS with an admin page for each user would do, but the pages might get too long. With EasyCMS, it would be easy to set up and manage, but new pages can’t be added by the user.

If you want a simple table like layout, Live Data or Grid Iron might be enough.

The above stacks allow data import from a Google spreadsheet which the user would manage through their own account. So no need for login stacks.

But if you want something with memberships and lots of data/content. A CMS or Sitelok would be the better option.

Thx, is there a plug-in addon for sitelock that you could recommend? I want people to be able to log onto their profile page and click on buttons such as, food, exercise and sleep. Each button would update their daily active.

Joe Workman makes a set of Sitelok stacks. Worth looking into.

In addition go to the Sitelok website. There are a bunch of plugins/addons you can get (some free, some you pay for) that extend Sitelok’s capabilities.

Worth checking out both.

Has a manual for RW8 setup… He also has an RW8 Video now.

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Those are only for an easy setup of Sitelok within RapidWeaver.

@Rovertek Well if he wants to use Sitelok as part of solution where there are several individuals, each only accessing “their” page, then making this easier becomes pretty important! And in this case the User Files plugin (included with Joe’s stacks) might be useful. I’m not 100% sure, but at least good for him to know about.

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Ok, Thank you

Using Sitelok you could setup a common page (or set of pages) shared by all members that show the data for the actual logged in user. Each user has 50 custom fields to store data but as it looks like you want to store daily figures for sleep and exercise etc we may need to assign a custom field to each activity type and then store the data in a comma delimited format within the field. Do you have an example of pages you want to use to collect and show the data? Contact us directly and we can look at the options anyway.

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