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Hi Everyone

A few weeks ago I posted on here about a members website which is updateable by each member. As is often the case, my client has moved the goalposts somewhat and the requirements have changed significantly. I have used Sitelok before and I am comfortable with it but the needs for this one are now beyond what sitelok can do ‘out of the box.’

My client needs a facility where the user of the site can search for vacancies (in this case, in childrens homes) using a form with a set of standard fields/criteria. Things like ‘age’ ‘gender’ etc. etc. but with also more specialist fields like ‘number of places in the home’ and ‘needs catered for.’

The childrens home(s) would need to be able to post the vacancy on their own members page using a form with the same fields so the 2 would marry up when searched.

So: user (local authority) goes onto the site to look for a placement for (example): Female, Age 12, Living in York, looking for rural setting, immediate placement required, plus up to 10 special needs (tickbox). There would be 10 fields in total.

The site would then present all members with matching vacancies. Both user and provider forms would use the same form fields so as to standardise the language used.

My client would need to be able to add/delete members as they join/leave and the members themselves would need to be able to edit their profile page.

Is there anything that might do this in RW or does anyone have any experince with this kind of site. I am happy for someone to get involved with this if you think you can help.

If you need any further details, you can PM me of reply here.

Many many thanks

I don’t own it, but I wonder if EasyDB might do the job?


While not necessarily a rapidweaver based answer, you may wish to check out bubble at in order to build such a solution. There are many prebuilt products that one can start from.

Thanks Guys, I’ll take a look at these. I’ve also had a pm from Bill so I’ll have a chat with him too.

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