Menu click directs to html instead of php

I recently updated a page on my website and because of a contact form I added on the page the adress to that specific site changed from html to php. This became a problem when I surfed on my website and discovered that the only way to get to my updated page is if I type in the adress with php-ending. If I just click in the menu on top of my website to get to this page, my website types in the adress with the old html-ending and it gets to the non-updated version of the page.

How do I get my website to direct to the php-page instead of the old html-page when I click on the menu?


Have you got an FTP program? If you look in the folder where the form is stored you’ll find you’ve got the old HTML page still there. Just delete it and the link will work properly.



This plus republishing all files worked! Thank you!

Good stuff. Glad to be of help.

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