Add menu navigation to Foundation

(Tom Robinson) #1

I’ve been developing with Joe Workmans Foundation Theme
and have briefly tried FoundationTBSMenu.stack unsuccessfully ?

surly I can get a menu happening with foundation

(Rob Beattie) #2

Why not use the included TopBar stack?

Just drag it out and onto the page


(Andrew Tavernor) #3

TBS is only used to customise and style the Foundation TopBar.

There is a very extensive PDF available to download from the product page that explains both how to use the stack and also a fair amount about TopBar itself.

(Tom Robinson) #4

I’m a Silly Newbie! … RTFM
Foundation Theme needs complimentary “starter pak” at least!
now more choices than ever … What an incredible tool!

(Tom Robinson) #5

just needed “starter pak”

(system) #6

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