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Hi everyone
Just downloaded the messenger stack from yuzoo. This looks perfect. Thanks. However I can’t get it to connect to my actual fbaccount. Just comes up as an empty white square with the blue x. I’ve tried every version of my fb name I can think of but no luck. I noticed when I inspected the element that it was adding to my fb name a

So my fb name is Franklyn.spence.9
It’s showing as http//

Any ideas?

(Rob Beattie) #2

The is a URL shortening device used by Facebook.

Looks like your actual FB name is franklyn.spence.9

But I wonder if the stack is designed to work with a Facebook page, rather than an individual’s Facebook account?


(Michael Frankland) #3

Yes that’s right - it’s for business / groups who have a public Facebook page to help enquiries on their site. E.g.:

So use “pulsecms” in the Stack

We could extend it to individual users but that might be annoying?! I certainly wouldn’t want that as my individual account is private.

At least this way you can manage it with Facebook Pages app also.

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