Some help on Facebook names and embedding on my site CLOSED

Ok Ive tried everything here I dont think its stack / plugin because it embeds its default test name but i cannot get the stack to connect to the Facebook name. Im using it in 3 other sites and it works but for the life of me i can’t get it to work on this site.
The page name is probably the problem .
The page name is Devon-Heat the full site page name is Redirecting... or Redirecting...
Simple really but it just will not embed into the site, been on it way too long now , anyone had a similar problem.
I even changed the page name from Devon Heat to Devon-Heat as i wasn’t sure how it handled spaces.

PS Im using the CosCulture Stack set

A page url would help diagnose the issue.

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When I clicked on your facebook link, i got: (with a period, not a dash). Maybe try with a period?

Edit: above was a facebook profile. If you’re the Devon Heat plumbing, this was an address I found:

Ok so after many hours heres the answer hopefully it will help someone else.
Its obvious once you know -

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