HELP: Yuzool Wall Stack Documenation

Has anyone gotten the Yuzool Wall stack to work with Facebook? If so, could you reply with instructions since Yuzool’s documentation is inaccurate, incomplete and outdated. Thank you.

I just noticed an update to that stack (I don’t have it myself) and the release notes mention an update of the Facebook API… Maybe double check that you have 1.4.1


Thanks @jabostick for that :slight_smile:

Yes @gnosismedia I’ll reply here rather than to your email as both sent at the same time and best to keep 1 thread of convo.

Please upgrade to 1.4.1 and you can use the included API keys so no need to create via Facebook any longer. If you want to still do that, yes the UI has changed (FB change their design quite regularly) but the basic principle and information is the same.

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