Meta Tags editing

Someone knows how to change ‘old’ meta tags?
I see them with ‘View Source’ but can’t change them there. But they are not visible in Inspector/Meta Tags.
So where to edit the Meta Tags in Rapidweaver 7

The inspector meta tag was new to RW7, you could have placed them in the head section of site or page, or if using foundation could be in the SEO helper.
You’ll take them out wherever you put them in at. RW7 didn’t move them as part of the feature.

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The meta tags I see in the source code don’t appear in the inspector although originaly made in RW7
So i can’t change them
I copy paste a previous first page of my website to start a new one.
Maybe smart to setup a brandnew first page…?

Have you checked the Meta Tag pane for site wide code in Settings?

Settings > Code > Metatags

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