Microsoft Edge Browser

I am getting reports that my rapidweaver site - - does will not load on Microsoft Edge Browser.

This is a screen grab from an iPad using Microsoft Edge

any idea why some of these browsers would be having issues?

Which browsers, it looks ok in safari and edge?


the screen shot is from Edge

I seem to remember having a similar issue to this a while back, it had something to do with the security policy set up on the server. you might try googling that error message.

Works fine on a PC I have here with Edge.

Wondering if its a browser extension/plug in issue if it works for some.

it looks more like a DNS issue to me. like the machine from which you took the screenshot can’t find the domain name.

if the domain name is new, then the issue will probably resolve itself in a day or so. domain names have to filter down to all of the internet hosts and it can take 24 hours in some places. it will be different from place to place.

if the domain name is not new, then i’d make sure that machine doesn’t have any other networking issues: check DNS settings, proxy settings if its behind a firewall, reboot it (because windows is like that), and clear the browser cache.

but given that some here can see it on various browsers including edge, my guess is that it’s isolated and not what most people are seeing.


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