Migrate from dreamweaver to RapidWeaver

I am considering migrating from Adobe Dreamweaver. Can I convert all my former websites created in dreamweaver to RapidWeaver? If so, how?

By copy/paste of the content. There is no automatic migration available.

It’s possible that RW does not have all features of DW. Therefore, you wouldn’t come around the Stacks Plugin and some other 3rd party stacks.

Dale perhaps share a url and I’m sure the community here could quickly advise on rapidweavers ability to service your needs, it would be quick work to advise you on what you would need. As to migrating…there is no way to import editable html generated in any program (dreamweaver or other) into rapidweaver. What one would need to do is rebuild the structure of the site in rapidweaver, however things like text etc would be a simple copy and paste. Best of luck.

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