Migrating a Go CMS site

Anyone know how to migrate a Go CMS site to new hosting? I’m guessing that simply republishing the RW project will mean losing any user edits. If so, how to get those user edits across? Is it a case of moving all the cmsgo.php files?

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I don’t have GoCMS but have looked at it.
My guess would be you would use it backup

Then use its Restore


If your RW project remains the same, then just move all files from your current host location to the new.

The data for GO CMS is store in rw_common/plugins/stacks/cmsgo/data

That is the stuff that needs to be moved over :wink:

Send us a support ticket if you need more help.


Great - thanks for the quick response. I did send a support ticket also but ignore that now!

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