Moving Custom Theme from RW5 to RW8


I’ve been going through posts, spending days looking for the answer.

I’ve recently updated to RapidWeaver 8, from RapidWeaver 5. There have been hiccups along the way, but the recent one that I cannot solve is how to import my theme (one of the RapidWeaver themes that I altered the banner image and a couple of other minor tweaks) from RapidWeaver 5 to 8. I have found the style I created in the library for RapidWeaver 5, and I tried to drag and drop it onto Rapidweaver 8. It says it is importing it, it asks me to relaunch Rapidweaver, and yet when I do all that, nothing changes; it isn’t imported. I’ve tried to find out where the Themes folder is in the Library for RapidWeaver 8 is, but cannot find any such section. Help.


RW5 Theme Drawer: Right click on theme, choose locate theme. Finder opens, copy the whole RW theme file.

RW8: Open Menu, Reveal Adens folder. Finder opens, select Themes folder. Copy RW5 theme into that Themes folder and restart RW8.

Cheers, Jannis
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I must be doing something wrong, because I seem to be adding the theme to the folder, but when I re-start, it doesn’t appear.


My problem is still not solved. Is anyone out there? Is anyone listening? Can anyone help?

I apologize for not addressing this topic more, but I’ve been trying various solutions and I’ve been busy with other things. I’m sorry.

The theme I’ve been using is the RapidWeaver theme ‘Veerie’.

I made some changes to the theme for my site when I started using RW5.
It still looks OK in RW6, and still so-so in RW7.
Here is a shot of part of my site when I imported my site from RW5 into RW6 and then into RW8.

The top picture shows that the changes I made to the theme work, and they appear in RW versions 5,6, and 7. Not so in RW8 which is the bottom part of the picture.

The picture I added is altered, the fonts don’t show up correctly, the sizing of the banner are different.

Why, why, why???

If it can be moved from 5 to 6, from 6 to 7, why can it not go from ANY previous version (5,6,7) into 8??

It doesn’t seem to make sense that I have to go into the code to get my site to look like it did on earlier versions.

Any tips would be welcomed.

If you could share with me in a DM both your custom theme and RW project as zipped archive, I could have a look later today or tomorrow.

Could be a font problem, maybe related to “Anonymise requests to third party servers”.

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Jannis, how do I DM you?

I can’t upload a zip file into here, so how do I send it to you?

Please share with dropbox, or whatever. You are able to send a direct message right here in the forum.

See if this works.

I am not able to work with that, that’s an incomplete export of your website. Sorry I am not able to spend more time on this.

Someone would be able to double check when having

  • your custom theme
  • your project file

both as zipped archive (thats important, because both theme and project aren’t files, but folders).

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