Missing Theme from RW7 Error Message

I am upgrading from RW5 to RW7. RW7 tells me the theme is missing. Also, RW7 does not ask me if I want to copy the add-ons from RW5.

There was several threads on this topic. This seems to be a frequent problem when upgrading from RW5 and/or switching to a new computer.

I think the best Q/A can be found in this thread: Project Theme is Missing, but you can find more, when you type “missing theme” into the search area.

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I am totally lost. Does RealMac want me to leave RapidWeaver? I am unable to UPGRADE from version 5 to 7.

When I double-click the theme a window opens asking if I want to install the theme. When I click “OK” RW tells me the theme is already installed. When I click Cancel the install and relaunch RW7 I get the same error message that the theme is missing.

Unfortunately, I may have to dump RW, switching to some other means of managing my one simple website.

Forgive me, but just because you did not learn yet how the software works does not mean that it doesn’t. Please, take a look at Upgrading from RapidWeaver 5 to RapidWeaver 7 tutorial. If you have further questions, somebody will be happy to help you. :relaxed:

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