Missing Theme from RW7 Error Message

(Mark Mason) #1

I am upgrading from RW5 to RW7. RW7 tells me the theme is missing. Also, RW7 does not ask me if I want to copy the add-ons from RW5.

(Rob D) #2

There was several threads on this topic. This seems to be a frequent problem when upgrading from RW5 and/or switching to a new computer.

I think the best Q/A can be found in this thread: Project Theme is Missing, but you can find more, when you type “missing theme” into the search area.

(Mark Mason) #3

I am totally lost. Does RealMac want me to leave RapidWeaver? I am unable to UPGRADE from version 5 to 7.

(Mark Mason) #4

When I double-click the theme a window opens asking if I want to install the theme. When I click “OK” RW tells me the theme is already installed. When I click Cancel the install and relaunch RW7 I get the same error message that the theme is missing.

Unfortunately, I may have to dump RW, switching to some other means of managing my one simple website.

(Rob D) #5

Forgive me, but just because you did not learn yet how the software works does not mean that it doesn’t. Please, take a look at Upgrading from RapidWeaver 5 to RapidWeaver 7 tutorial. If you have further questions, somebody will be happy to help you. :relaxed:

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