Migrating photo album pages from RW5 site to RW8 site

Just solved problem of migrating a site consisting of styled text from RW5 to RW8. Thanks community. The problem seems different for another site of mine which is almost all Photo Album pages. www.kateclayton.co.uk which is online in its RW5 form.

From 2011 to 2019, Mac has gone from ‘Iphoto’ to ‘Photos’. So now the photos all have different names and can’t be found by Rapidweaver. Is there a quick way to correct this? Or do I have to locate the photo in Photos (not a quick job as I have 24,000 photos in there, many with different-sized versions of the same image) and then either adjust the name of each photo on the edit page of RW8 or drag the photo into RW8 to replace the one that was dragged there in RW5 days?

Anyone with any experience in this area - would be great to hear from you so I know the best way to tackle this problem.

By the way, the theme is the classic ‘Simple’ which RW8 supports.

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