Mac "Photos" Apparently not Communicating with Photo Album plugin (or Vice Versa)

I’ve used RapidWeaver for a while but still consider myself a beginner, in so many ways. Recently I replaced my old Mac with a new one - OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan. iPhotos transferred to Apples new “Photos” fine as far as I can tell. I also updated from RapidWeaver 4.4.2 to the newest version 6.3.7. The add-ons seemed to transfer fine. At issue is, that “photos” doesn’t seem to be communicating with the Photo Album v6.0. In Edit mode, photos are not appearing. I feel I’m goofing up on something very basic, which I hope… or maybe it’s something a little more difficult. Either way, no luck searching before chiming in. I’ve updated a few pages on my website, but none of the photo albums since updating the computer and RW. I appreciate any help and hope this makes sense. .

Hi @Desert4wd, welcome to the forum, and just to cover my bases… a few steps prior to my answer :slight_smile:

Apparently you didn’t follow the advice outlined here about upgrading to RW6. Not sure if was an issue from v4.x directly to 6 or not.

If you have transferred stacks, make sure they are all updated (do this manually from Stacks)

Make sure you go to the developers website and download the latest version of any 3rd party themes you may have

If you have LogHound stacks or Plugins, be sure to go their website and download the RW6 version manually.

I think the trick is to start Photo’s first, then RapidWeaver (At least on my machine), if you go the other way round, the photo’s don’t seem to sync. @nikf is this an issue to be reported?

Hope that helps

Thank you @Turtle , and sorry for the slow response. I read through the instructions several times, prior to updating to 5.4.1 before going to RW6. l did wonder about any version prior to v5 but didn’t see anything mentioned. The fact that “Stacks” and “Blocks” didn’t transfer onto RW6 indicates I messed up although I didn’t use them on the website and wasn’t even looking for them. Is there a recourse if one fouls up on the migration or a way to start from scratch?

Starting Photos first, before RapidWeaver is the way the previous version I have required to sync up as well.

In any case, I’d like to try and start from scratch if at all possible so I can eliminate that possibility. I do appreciate your time and suggestions. I wish my brain was a little younger too.

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Hi Doug

Starting with RapidWeaver 6, we no longer show content from iPhoto / inside the Photo Album page. Instead, we recommend folks use the Media browser or drag and drop from the Finder to add images.

If you’ve got existing pages that require upgrading, you should migrate via RapidWeaver 5.4.1 (details here) as this will copy the files from iPhoto into the project for RapidWeaver 6 to use.




Thank you for your response Nik. I was experimenting a bit and saw that I could do that but wasn’t sure it was the correct route to take. I really appreciate this information.