Hosed by Photos! RW5 stopped working, upgrade to 6.3 doesn't fix

Photos happened. I can’t access iPhoto any longer. This of course means all my Rapid Weaver Photo pages are failing to export photos.

Hmmm, surely RW6 (6.3) has access to Photos Albums, right? Paid my $39.99 and no!

How do I get an album to show on a Photo Page?

You’ll need to use the Media Browser to re-add the photos in RW6 - or, open iPhoto and then RW5. We’ve heard reports that your albums will appear. At which point, save your document - and open the RW5 document in RW6.


Can’t open iPhoto, it has a nasty “do not enter” slash-circle over it :cry:
I guess I need to try this media browser.

How that work? I open-end it “browsed” to my album. How do I make it stick to the page?

Photo Albums are created with Drag and Drop only - we don’t tie to an album any more.


Oh. So no live updates if I add new photos to the album?

That is unfortunate. Thank you for your honesty.

Are we getting away from albums?
Feature Request an Album Page for RW7?

Have to go now, suddenly have lots of rebuilding to do.

We moved away from Albums last year with RW 6 for a number of reasons (namely: the iPhoto/Aperture -> Photos move, the fact that not everyone uses iPhoto, and the change to being a sandboxed app meant that the location of images was not guaranteed to be accessible). We’re not planning to tie to albums in the future, but we are looking at expanding the sources available in the Media Browser :slight_smile:

@nikf – Can you tie to ‘Collections’ in Adobe Lightroom? I think that is THE most popular photo app on the market for storing, cataloguing, correcting, publishing, etc…