Migration RW7 to RW8

Just downloaded RW8 (Upgrade from RW7) and tried to open the next Version of my Website and realize that RW7 and RW8 are two separate entities, even if I downloaded an…Upgrade !!! RW8 has none of my extra themes, plug-ins, stacks etc…
I guess I will have to transfer all my extras. How can I do that ? Did I miss something !!! Usually an upgrade modify an existing piece of software (In this context) and create an…upgraded version. This is not the case . Any hints of what to do ?

Please ignore my request. I found my mistake and all works perfectly now :grimacing:

What did you do Henri? I have the same problem.

When you start RW8 for the first time it should have copied all your addons for you.

yes… what teefer said! The RW8 Add-Ons folder is in a different location than RW7 and it sounds like there was a problem with the install copy. You can just manually copy all your add-ons from the RW7 folder to the RW8 folder.

Hi Keith
This is what I did. After downloading RW8, the first time and installed the program, I answered “Deny” to “RW8 wants to access your personal informations” (Not sure of the exact wording, but something like that). I ended up with a “Clean/ Blank” version of RW8". None of my personal, themes, stacks etc…were copied to RW8. I had then 2 independent version of RW (7 & 8).
Then I tried again to reinstall RW8, but this time accepting “Access your personal Informations”, and RW8 captured all the required info from RW7 to RW8. Now RW8 works just fine.
I’m not sure to understand why RW developers choose this option (Deny vs Accept) since in the first scenario it won’t work (At least in my case) !?!?! or it’s something totally different ??
I hope this will help.

Perhaps someone at RealMac can help here. When I read the blurb about “Personal Information” on a RW8 install I took that to mean perhaps my email and that’s about it. I doubt it has to do with any add-ons. But I could be wrong.

@dan ?

Hi Henri,

Many thanks. I am now up and running and have successfully migrated my RW7 sites across to RW8.

Thanks again for your help.

Isn’t it just asking for Keychain access?

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