Rapidweaver 8 compatibility

Hi, I haven’t been doing website construction for a while, and I need to get back to it. Are there any major compatibility issues (Themes, Stacks, Plugins), that I need to consider as I upgrade?



Depends what you are upgrading from. Lots of Stacks are free upgrades and you will be able to upgrade from within RW8 quite easily. There may of course be some plugins that are no longer supported and may cause issues if not deleted. There may also be themes used in the past that are now discontinued. As I say, need a lot more detail on where you are coming from to be able to comment more.

Ok, and what was your experience? Did you projects work? Did you run into issues I could avoid :slight_smile:

Thx for any tips

I upgraded from a fully up to date v7 to v8 and it was the cleanest upgrade I’ve experienced. All projects have upgraded flawlessly. However, if you upgrade from say 5 to 8 you’ll have a few hoops and, maybe some plugin issues but I can’t say that without knowing what plugins you have. To be of any help, we need to know what you are upgrading from.

I should have said. Sorry! I’m going from 7 to 8.

Very unlikely to have any issues then. if RW7 worked well RW8 almost certainly will give you no problem.

You can run both RW7 and 8 on the same machine. You can share addons folder so all the plugins, stacks and themes are using the same library.

The one think to be aware of is the RW project files are converted to a new format. Once you convert the project file to RW8 then format Rw7 can’t use that file. The original RW7 project file is still available (the conversion process doesn’t harm the original), but any work you’ve done on RW8 would have to be reapplied to in RW7 to “go backwards” .

Although I regularly run RW6, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, and 8.1beta all on the same machine without any problems --I would strongly recommend against sharing the same addons folder. It will almost definitely cause problems eventually. I can think of at least a couple pretty bad things that can happen right off the top of my head.

I keep mine separate. It works pretty well. :smiley:

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Thanks Doug, and special thanks Isaiah. Great tips. I haven’t tried this, but you presumably are able to specify RW directories?

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