Stacks RW 7 and RW 8


I originally bought a RW 7 and now upgraded to RW 8. I remember looking into Stacks a year ago but don’t know if I actually purchased it or now. How can I check? If I buy something for RW7, does it get transferred to RW8, and moving forward?

I am worried that I may put a ton of work and then with a new upgrade the site and the layout will not work in the new upgrade. Any advice?


If you go into RW7 and open the addons manager you should be able to see what exactly you had. It should have converted (copied) over to RW8. But if you find stuff you bought in RW7 that didn’t come over to 8 then post here and someone will give you some help.

Where do I find the Addons manager? sorry, I am confused with how the system works…

Open RW7:


Also Under Preferences, there is an addons tab. There is a reveal in Finder button.

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Thank you! So if I don’t see anything when I go into Manage Addons, does that mean I don’t have any?

If I remember in RW7, the addons manager is by type, like “themes”, “plugins”, “stacks”, etc. sorry not at my Mac right now. But if you don’t see anything then you don’t have any thing.

If you think you purchased stacks you can check on the Yourhead site. At the bottom of every page there’s a lookup link. You’ll need to know the email address you purchased it with.

The lookup will send an email with what you purchased.

It is weird because I just bought Stacks for RW8 and installed it, then I received a message saying that an old version of them was previously installed. I am not understanding then… Did I pay for them twice? Nothing came up in Add on Manager, but the message showed up.

I can’t tell what is happening.

Best bet would be to contact Yourhead (makers of stacks). They can tell what you have purchased (both now and in the past).

then I received a message saying that an old version of them was previously installed

You may have still had that old copy of Stacks in there from when you tried it out earlier. And it’s probably so old that the addon-manager doesn’t recognize it as a plugin. But the updater is pretty smart – and seems to have noticed it and replaced it.

I think mostly I’d recommend: ignoring it. Probably harmless if it’s that old.

But if you’d like to get to the bottom of this mystery, then I’d choose Reveal Addons Folder from the View menu in RapidWeaver. This will open up the folder in the Finder. Then you can have a look and see exactly what’s in there.

The two possibilities are:

  • you find nothing interesting, great.
    In this case, you’re good to go!

  • you find two (or more!) copies of Stacks
    In this case I’d recommend trashing them both just to be on the safe side. Make sure to Quit RapidWeaver first!!! Then download and reinstall with a fresh copy from Stacks 5 Plug-In – you can always download a fresh copy from the Stacks page whenever you need to. Your registration info is kept safe, so you won’t even need to do that part again.

I am not understanding then… Did I pay for them twice? Nothing came up in Add on Manager, but the message showed up.

it’s pretty check to see what things you’ve purchased from us…

at the bottom of every page of our site is a link to look up your serial numbers. just give the lookup-bot the email address you used to purchase things and it will send back all of your registration serial numbers to that same email address. the data available goes back over a decade now, so even old purchases back to the Stacks 1.0 days are there.

here’s a direct link to the automatic lookup:

and here’s where to find that link in case you need it someday:

we can also look things up manually. just contact support (it’s another one of those links at the bottom of every page). We have data that goes back in other databases even further, (almost 15 years!) and can look you up with other info if you no longer have the original email address.

I hope that helps clear things up a bit.


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