Minimalistic portfolio website similar to squarespace's 'wells' theme

i would like to build a simple and minimalistic portfolio website similar to squarespace ‘wells’ theme - what is the best way to do this?

the website theme i would like to match is here and very popular among photographers:

what is most important for me is responsiveness, compatibility to mobile devices, fixed (not scrolling) left navigation area with scrollable thumbnails gallery and a simple image slider as seen in that template.

maybe i should specify that i am not a professional web coder/designer, nor a programmer, but i can handle stacks and i have some experience with rapidweaver already. that said is the foundation stack a way to accomplish this? would it be recommendable for a non expert programmer/coder or is the learning curve too steep?

as for the image portfolio data, i would prefer to be able to keep the image files warehouse managed.

any tips would be very appreciated, thanks :slightly_smiling:



This is not exactly what you are looking for, but given you know how to warehouse it all can’t be much easier than taking advantage of Will Woodgate’s ProGallery stack:

ProGallery is a snap to setup, expand, use.

The Wells theme is minimalistic (nice) but seems to have a few disadvantages for showing photos.

Foundation can certainly be fine, but one of Will’s Themeflood themes (or several other themes) would seem suitable.

There are several other image gallery stacks out there: one that may be better for your very specific needs. I’m sure someone else will chime in on other solutions.

If you don’t want to roll your own theme using Foundation or Freestack, then Paramount by Michael David Designs looks a reasonable match for the WELLS theme.

thanks for the good tips, progallery is really cool and might solve my gallery problems. i will see what is possible with the paramount theme - looking good if i can tailor the gallery.



Henk Vrieselaar XXL-r will do the trick