Beginner question: How do I do this?

I’m a freelance illustrator who wants to create a website similar to this:[gallery-1]/3/ to show my work. Same kind of header layout, simple white background with a portfolio page showing a grid of images like you see that bring up a larger popup image when you click on each, as this site does. I’d want just 2-3 additional simpler pages for bio, contact etc. I’m learning RW8 right now and want to know what I’ll need to get there. Is there a theme I could buy that will help me? Thanks.

Why not start with this?
Artful Theme.
Learn what it can do and as you learn, you will have the tools you
need to move ahead or in a new direction.
Have fun.

This might work, although Joes total CMS would work

And these.
You might find one that is simple yet nicer than your example or at least get some more ideas.
And it will give some guidance on “how to”.

I’ll look through this. Thanks Chuck.
I think it’s always best to try and learn what the stock tools will do but this stack might work just as you like within a simple theme which contains other layout features you need.
DO try the free demo first.
I possibly mistakenly assume everyone has stacks already?

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