Missing Banner Photos

I’ve installed my banner photos into my website here-

However, the website still doesn’t display my photos.


Your web browser is probably displaying cached content. Safari is very aggressive about caching. That means you won’t see the changed files right away, even if they’re on the server. You can try another browser, try clearing your cache, or use a “private” window in your usual browser.

You images look to be loading.

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You might choose to make your desktop navigation more legible with a different color choice?

You banner is a .tiff.
Can your browser display .tiffs?


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I used Tiif photos to get a sharper photo. They take forever to load on my iPhone 6. Am I better off using a high quality jpeg instead? Thanks.

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Yes. For general use , jpeg will be better. And your photo shouldn’t be too large,resize it.
Many use this App to shrink their pictures while still maintaining useable quality ( with experimentation).

But simply using the PREVIEW app and choosing “sdjust size” from the “tool” dropdown menu will work and of course you can export/convert the file as a jpeg.

Thanks- I just changed the files to jpeg and the site works fine. Thank you all for your help!

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It loads quickly now :wink:

Now, how do I keep my photos from filling the entire screen horizontally? My photos on the Guitar Method and Contact page are so large the top of the photo is cropped off. Thanks.

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