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A problem not resolved with RW8 Some photos I place it he album rendered squished horizontally. I have deleted them, saved and then added them and still they are squished horizontally

See go to 'and some foreign ones and scroll to near the bottom and the slide of the 310 loco on the traverser is squished.

Kind thoughts welcome - Peter T

All the images seem to be rendering the correct shape for me. None are being squashed or distorted in either the thumbnail or full screen viewing modes.

I tested this in Firefox 72 and Safari 13. Have you tried a different web browser? You might see a different result.

Something else to try is clearing your browser cache / history. Some browsers (like Chrome and Safari) have aggressive caching that can hold onto website files and content for a long time.

Also make sure the images you upload at 72 dpi. Anything other than 72dpi could cause images to radically change shape or size in some browsers.

Side note - I travelled on the Ffestiniog Railway in September behind Linda!

In Firefox all renders fine but in Safari there is still squished images (the 310.23 pix near bottom of European page) and when you click on the gallery to view full page there appears a THIRD image which is a repeat.

I cannot replicate any problems with image sizing or duplicates in Safari 13. Everything seems to be loading correctly at this end.

Aggressive browser caching sounds the most probable cause.

You might want to see if any other forum members can see the same issues that you can see.

This seems to work fine for me.

Using Safari 13

Thanks for all your replies. I did a Safari reset from the File Menu and the page is serving correctly now. Firefox was fine all along.


It sounds like my initial suspicion of browser caching was correct. You may want to mark that answer as the solution, for the benefit of others.

The solution was to use the Clear History… command in the Safari file menu - Hurray!

Will, thanks for your help - now need to find out to mark as a solution…

Robert - see my reply to Will. Using the Clear History… command in the Safari file menu did the trick.
I note you posted the overview page - did you click on any of the thumbnails to expand?

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