Photo gallery only appears in edit mode

I use Nick Cates “Photo Base” and “Photo Group” to create a set of photo albums. Since upgrading my Mac to OS Sonoma 14.3 the galleries only appear in edit mode and are not visible from website uploaded to server. Website page is Sidelands

I see stuff. When I first go to the website I see 3 Vimeo videos. Then about 30-60 seconds later I see a slidshow of images. My guess is 1 or more of your images is very large in size (I have a good internet connection) and that’s slowing down the slideshow from starting.

Here’s what I see at the beginning (before slideshow loads):

… and this is part of the page and how it looks after about 30 seconds:

Had a quick look with the Safari web inspector, and it shows those images are VERY big. You’ll need to resize and compress them so they are much smaller.

Once you’ve compressed and re-added the photos your site should load much faster!

Hi Matthew. Thanks. That is very odd. All images have been optimised in Photoshop and are not particularly large. The half loaded image is part of a carousel of three images above a whole set of galleries. When I look at the web version I see the carousel and the three videos but no galleries. Screenshot of edit mode for some of the galleries attached.

Hi dan. Wow they are big! Looks like I need to relink to optimised versions. Not sure what happened.Thanks for that.

No problem, glad we could help.

Let me and @Mathew known if you need us to re-test your site!

Hi dan. No dice, unfortunately. I have been checking largest size files on gallery and replacing them with smaller sizes. (The site did work fine before with original sized images) However, I still cannot see the photo galleries on the preview mode and these are also not available when viewing the uploaded site on a web page.

I wonder if we are talking about the same page. I’m visiting:

Is this the same page you are viewing? The reason I ask is your gallery has an unusual address with the page in the address. Are you sure that the gallery page is inside a folder named page? (If so, this seems to be an awkward way to organize your website … but perhaps it’s intentional on your part.) At any rate, I just want to make sure we are looking at the same thing.

Hi Mathew. That is the page. The site is template based and I have not made any manual adjustments. This is the file structure on the server.