Missing font assets in Offroad theme

I wanted to test with a native theme and noticed that Offroad is missing a ton of font files in preview. I am not sure if this is related to 8.1 or not.

Side note: is this theme seriously loading all of those fonts!!! May want to look at that as well…

I figured out why this is breaking… woff2 and ttf files are being ignored in 8.1. Have a look at a diff on RWWebServerLaunch.php

You’re welcome.

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Will get @ben to look at this issue. Thanks!

Thanks for reporting this, @joeworkman. As another example of “look, we do this too!”, the fonts directory was missing from the theme’s RWCopyFiles array :slight_smile:

It should be all fixed for the next beta :+1:

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Oops! That probably affect other things. Nice find!