Missing Images After Upgrade to Rapidweaver 8

After upgrading to RapidWeaver 8 and migrating a website, I noticed that I was missing images. After migrating my second website, it became clear that I retained all of the images that were placed in resources, but images that were placed in stacks or elsewhere directly to a page, did not make the migration.

Has anyone else had this issue?
Is there a fix?

I’ve not heard this specific issue before. However, there was a recent bug in RW 7 that could be responsible. This post gives details about when the bug happens and how to work around it:

But… and this is more detailed analysis, read if you like solving technical riddles like this one…

You’ve noticed the problem at a really interesting point in time because RapidWeaver 8 makes a COPY of the RapidWeaver 7 project when you upgrade. This means that the RW7 project still exists.

So I have two big questions:

  1. Does the RW7 project file still have the images?
    If the answer is NO, then it is almost certainly the bug I posted about above. But if the answer is YES – the images are still there – then it means the images were lost during the migration which is indeed unique.

  2. If you have a RW7 project that still has images, and you open that project in RW8 does the project file lose images again?

If the answer is YES you have RW7 images and YES they get deleted each time, then I would very much like to see this project file to have a look at it.

Yes, the RW7 file still has the images so I’m continuing to work old files from RW7 while creating new ones in RW8. I’ve tried opening two different RW7 files in RW8 and I lose the images each time. Only the images that are not placed in Resources. the Resource images make the transition.

ok, i REALLY REALLY want to see this project. any chance you can share it with me privately. i’m the developer of Stacks and I’d like to analyze this file in a debugger and see if i can extract a bug and either fix it (if it’s in Stacks) or report it to the RapidWeaver folks if it’s in the app.


oh… to share a file the easiest way is via dropbox. you can send the link to me in a private message on this forum


Sure. I’ll get it to you tonight.

oh, in case it wasn’t clear: i’m looking for the RW7 file.

It won’t allow me to send you a PM.

you can also send me a link on twitter http://twitter.com/isaiah
or send it to yourhead support here: http://yourhead.com/support
we also have a slack channel and we can chat there if you like: http://slack.yourhead.com


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