Problems migrating project from RW 6 directly to RW8

Hi, RapidWeavers.

I’ve not been active on this forum for over two years. I’ve been busy with non-RW things, but the results of that business means that I need to update my web site, which was created with RW 6.

I did upgrade to RW7 when out came out, but never moved my project to RW 7. I can’t work in RW 6 because the preview refreshes constantly. I did upgrade to RW 8 when it came out, but, again, never used.

Today I migrated my project directly to RW8 to do some work on my site to reflect a couple fo books coming out. I had to re-link banner images twice (why couldn’t RW do this?), and no images show up at all when I preview the site. They flash briefly and then vanish to be be replaced by the blue box with a question box. Additionally, a few stacks seem to have vanished, but I don’t know which ones because the warning triangle doesn’t say the name of the stack and I have so many on the site that I don’t know what it was. There is a link to stack author, but that goes to a 404 page.

RW has always been relatively easy and I thought updating my site would be painless, but it has not turned out that way. Would I have had different results had I gone RW6 to RW7 to RW8, although I did a quick search and saw the some people had trouble with images when upgrading to both RW6 and RW7. My images have not changed location on my Mac, and I can see them when I’m in Edit mode.

Why is this?


If you enable the side info bar on the right hand side, the stack info tab will show exactly the name and developer of the stack.

Most probably the stacks have not been migrated correctly.

This question is never ending :wink:
At some point in RW8 there was a problem introduced with missing resources. I don’t know if it affected everyone (it did me) and while I waited for a “fix”, I just had to suck it up, upgrade and fix them manually as many have had to do.
No doubt to be fair, there have been many changes to the Mac OS over that time that could have played a role in some unexpected results.
I do know that “many” folks update and assume their basic settings will remain constant, and this DOES NOT appear to be true in all cases. So review your basic setting, blah blah blah and…
Good luck.
Now updating images repeatedly has not been a problem I’ve faced. Make sure they are named correctly, are the right type, and perhaps are sized reasonably.
Since there is a problem with backward compatibility with project versions, have a good backup of your old projects and work with copies untill you have everything sorted.

Thank you Jannis and Chuck for your responses. I did manage to track down the missing stack, so at least that part works. (I’m still curious how a stack could just vanish, though.)

I’m not sure my problem has to do with the naming or type of image. Here’s why: when I export the site to a folder and then open it, all images are present. However, custom fonts from TypeKit that do show in the RW preview, are not present in the exported site. But when I right click on a page in RW and select “Preview page in Safari,” images flash for about a tenth of a second and then are gone (but the custom typography is there). The result? I can’t trust that RW will upload what I expect it to.

This really makes it difficult to work on my site. I’ve used RW since version 4 and have usually heard of problems associated with new releases. As a result, I’ve always held off upgrading. I guess I didn’t wait long enough. (There are some other problems as some stacks seem not to work at all, even though they’re from very reliable and respected developers.)


There may be an issue in Safari’s settings (possibly) causing the display issues, as I’ve seen Safari not display fonts I have embedded while other browsers do display them initialy Again, I have not had problems with images, luckily.
I might try this as the caches can make it appear there are problems where none exist:

Clear Safari’s Web caches

Apple has somewhat hidden the options for clearing Safari’s caches (temporary local storage for a number of different settings and configurations), but they are still available:

  1. Go to the Advanced section of Safari’s preferences
  2. Click the Show Develop menu in menu bar option
  3. Select Empty Caches from this menu

If your stacks are no longer available online or through the developer, perhaps they are no longer supported and you should look for suitable replacements. I would contact the developer as a last resort if so. I think I have every zip file of the stacks I have purchased to re-install if I have a problem. Burning to a DVD is an easy way to save them few mention and also easy enough to transfer to a new computer.

This discussion, for another problem:

Mentions enabling “minify css/java” in Advanced settings, which I admit I have always had checked.
How is yours set, Christopher?

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