A funny thing happens on the way to my site

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I was uploading the site, when I found that at least 90% of the photographs where missing. I have not moved the folders where they are located; they always have been in the sample place. My extra-content apps were also missing the photo. The gallery photos were empty with the photo space with a question mark. This is not the first time it happens. I am using RW version 7.5.5 (18814). Any help will be appreciated.


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In that case, what have you done in the past to fix this situation? Or, has it fixed itself? :expressionless:

How do you add photos to your pages (linking from project resources, dragging-and-dropping from the Finder, warehousing, etc.)?

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There was this recent post about missing images:

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Start from zero, do it again, one by one. I add photos from their own folder.
Gracias Rovertek

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Gracias David, I will contact RW.

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@thang mentioned the bug I was able to identify recently that sounds like it could be the culprit. Since @Printery was using at least a few pages that were not Stacks pages, it’s probably good to point out that the bug can apply to a few different page types, even some of the built-in ones.

Built-in: Photo Album,
Built-in: Blog,
YourHead: Stacks,
YourHead: Collage

Other third party page types? I can’t say for sure but I’d guess probably WeaverPix and RapidCart.

If I can help in any way, let me know. Remember: just avoid Save As… until this is fixed. :smiley:

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Gracias Isaish

Will do that.

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