Why are my images not appearing in the gallery?

I have three different sites and each has at least one gallery page. After restarting my computer, I noticed the images in the gallery pages appear as icons, not the actual images. What’s going on? Where are my images?

Eddie, your description of the situation is very vague. Perhaps that’s why you did not get any answers so far.

I don’t use built-in photo-gallery plugin, so I couldn’t help you with your particular problem, but maybe someone else could, if they had more relevant information…

But, as far as I know, not many of us use the built-in photo-gallery. Instead, the majority of us use Stacks and Stacks-based galleries.

Hi Eddie, most probably the images got lost in between. Maybe there are still available inside the RW project file data, but most probably not. At least you are able to download them in the generated site on your FTP server.