Missing links to files in Finder

(Kevin Atkins) #1

I’m working on a number of projects that have multiple files in the Resources folder (don’t nag about warehousing … this is inherited!), and I’ve noticed that the files I drag in on one project show a link to the file in Finder, but the files I drag in another don’t (they say the resource is stored within the project)

This project shows links …

But this one doesn’t …

I’ve been using RW for years now, but I’ve only just noticed this particular weirdness.

Am I missing something obvious? Or is this theme or settings related?

(David) #2

You have the “portable document” option in Settings > General selected for veloce.co.uk

(Kevin Atkins) #3

Thank you! That’s brilliant.

I don’t remember checking that option, but I’ll take it off.


(system) #4

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