Resources – a hint would be nice

Could RapidWeaver maybe tell on which pages the missing resource is used – would it be possible?

That would help a lot on projects with 20-30-40 pages.

They could be used on several pages.

Yes. The could and might. Still would be nice with a hint.

It’s like a Alice in Wonderland feature. You’re told what’s wrong but not a way to fix it… if the resource is stored on som ancient cracked harddrive – and RapidWeaver constantly reminds you of a problem with no hint of a solution.

Resources really have improved over the years – and hopefull will during the next.

Once you get it figured out for these older projects, I would suggest you change the advanced setting for “Site Resources” to the new default. Copy into the document.


Then you should never have to worry about re-linking resources again.


That would work on most projects, but not this one. The project file is way too heavy.

I know there’s work arounds – and I know where to find the files I’m missing – but my point is… RapidWeaver could be more helpful. It’s all about user experience.

Pointing out a problem – is only the first step solving a problem, but might still leave the user behind.

When you say too heavy, not sure that matters anymore. Other than making copies of the resources the way RW8 stores them now shouldn’t make any difference. I’ve tested and heavy project file sizes shouldn’t impact RW performance.

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Maybe – maybe not.

I like to to link to images and files rather than embedding them in a project. Maybe because that’s the way I’m use to when working with Adobe Indesign (daytime job).

I’m sure RapidWeaver is getting better handling bigger files. I feel that too. But I would still love the apps i’m working with – to provide some kind of help instead of just pinpoint a problem.

I’m sure RapidWeaver will. It’s all about user experience.

Then use warehousing. No need to look back…

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