Missing Resources in Project

Every once and a while I get a message saying Missing resources in this project. I went through the entire process of re-linking these files. Everything was working fine but the same issue has returned. I do a relink and everything is fine again.

Just thinking outside the box here but folders on my desktop are syncing to iCloud and once synced the desktop file is only a link to the iCloud copy.

Are your files doing the same and RW is not seeing the file and just the link? Then when you relink the files in the project, this forces the files to download from the iCloud so they exist on the desktop again.

That makes sense. I tried placing my files on the desktop for easy access. Would you suggest I have all files on the cloud and work from there? Thanks a lot

Have you selected “Site Resources to Copy into document” under Advanced Site Settings? It may help.

Thanks for that. This must be a new issue with the latest RW update or the mac OS update. Only started being an issue recently. Thank you

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I don’t actually know what causes the RW resource issues, but I do see them an awful lot.

My go-to tip for any problems having to do with linking resources is to store the resources inside the project.

macOS grants more privileges to things stored inside of a file bundle. This may not solve all problems, but it will probably solve some.

If you’re interested in trying it, this is how you do it: choose “Copy into the document” in the Advanced settings.

Thank you … that has been my setting all along though.


Hi Francis,

I’ve never come across the issue you’re dealing with. I don’t know if this is your solution, but I keep my resources organised in the same folder as my RW project. In my RW project I organise my resources in exactly the same way. Easy and clean…

Hope this helps,


Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 08.18.12 Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 08.19.14

The screenshot in the original post shows resources that say, “External”. This means these resources are from when the setting wasn’t enabled, or before the setting existed.

Changing the setting unfortunately doesn’t doesn’t migrate the existing resources :confused: – at least that’s what the detail-text below the settings says.

It would be great if there were a way to do that. Maybe a RW Support person knows how? or maybe @tpbradley?

(p.s. if there’s a way to do this – even a complicated terminal command or something – it would really help me when I’m doing support. – thx)

The reason for these broken links is probably related to the Big Sur update (or moving to a new computer, etc.). Big Sur is very strict with the permissions each app has to read random files on your computer. RW gets permission to read the project file itself when you open the project – but that’s it. Other files need to be explicitly granted permission – which is (partly) what RW is doing with this error window.

But all the resources inside of the project automatically get permission. So, that should at least help this problem from happening to new resources.

Of course there are other ways that resources can get unlinked too – probably even some when the resources are in the project – but I’ll leave those uncommon corner-cases to the Realmac support folks.

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