RW8 Banjaxed & So Am I

Yesterday, I found that many of the stacks present in my stacks folder in the Finder were not displayed in the interface despite having been used in projects. It took me a long time to register that the Stacks icon above Partials was hidden beneath a grey square and couldn’t be scrolled into view.

The only way I could fix this was by deleting one of my four developer folders at the bottom of the icons list. Now I could see the Stacks icon and select it to display the whole list. However, my Foundry 2 and Juergen Barth stacks now show the component parts of each stack listed beneath it without icons, and Joe Workman’s sub-list now shows duplicates labelled as v1.9.1 and v6.4.9 with different icons.

I can’t work like this. So how can I restore RapidWeaver 8.6.2 to sanity? I’m using Stacks 4.0.4. Screenshots attached in separate posts because this forum won’t allow the three in one.

Here’s the screenshot after a reboot and relaunch - the round selection indicator is almost fully hidden and the scroll thumb on the right is at the top of its travel. So I still couldn’t select the Stacks icon.

Here’s a screenshot after I deleted the developer folder at the bottom to allow the Stacks icon at the top to move down. This is what’s shown for the Foundry 2 and Juergen Barth stacks.

I’m dead in the water here, friends.

@isaiah could have a look if this is something he can adjust…

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All but one of my problems were solved by Andrew Tavernor at The Weavers’ Space. The remaining issue of having two versions of most Foundation stacks in the list needs input from Joe Workman. But thanks for your offer.

Have a look at this post. It will explain the missing icons. It is not a bug:

Thanks, Adam. Yes, that was my problem, too - solved by Andrew Tavernor. I’d turned it on naively because I thought Joe’s Impact stacks were being hidden inadvertently, but omitted to turn it off.

I think Tav managed to help you on the other forum – but I was asked this same question in email too and thought I’d make a video.

The simple answer (just use two-finger scrolling on your trackpad – or your scroll wheel or whatever) is fine. I guess. But not really very satisfying.

There’s kind of a bigger question of “Why is Stacks like this?”

This video answers that question – and also provides some ways to fit a few more custom group folders onto small screens without scrolling.

Oh, and sorry about the hat – but my COVID-19 lockdown hair is pretty bad. :haircut_man:

Living in a world that lately seems to normalise and even promote greed and selfishness, it’s really heart warming to see things like this.
I don’t know of many communities that work as a team in quite the way that developers and users of RW do.
What a great way to start my Friday morning!


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