🐞 We need your HELP with RapidWeaver 7.1.4 - We want your BUGS!

Hi Guys,

We’re working hard on RapidWeaver 7.1.4 and hoping to fix up as many outstanding bugs as possible.

If you have an issue or bug with RapidWeaver 7.1.3, please email us a sample project with instructions on how to re-produce the issue and we’ll do our best to get it fixed.

Email "support@realmacsoftware.com" and put the subject as “Please fix this bug in 7.1.4, you guys are the best!”

Happy Weaving!



@SteveB Thanks for the feature request… however, we want RapidWeaver to be a rock solid platform, so at the moment we’re just fixing things up and making sure Rapidweaver is behaving itself for everyone!

Look out for RapidWeaver 7.2 later this year, that’ll be the one with new features :wink:


I have 4 different MP3 files, one on each of 4 pages on a client’s website. Also, have a 4mb MP4 file on the site’s home page. Whenever I try to upload a changed page with or WITHOUT one of the media files on it, RW republishes ALL the MP3’s and then tries to upload the MP4 file but after almost publishing that file I get the Unable to publish error message. This happens all the time. Was happening using 6.3.4 and also on 7.1.4.

Very frustrating…and if it were my site I’d be pissed, but it’s a client’s site and he expects to see a finished site this weekend. And I’m sure he will be much more than P.O’d when the site is not finished.

Any ideas, suggestions, solutions, advice…or even just a weather forecast?


Regarding the backup feature and the 7.2 update: would it be possible to have the backup file be a background publish? In other words whatever pages you publish get created and uploaded in the foreground, but the backup files gets saved and published in the background so you can get back to editing your site file again. Speaking for myself, I would be willing to give up a little speed in the background publishing of the backup to be able to get back to the editing process sooner.

Jim Mahoney

I was hoping to see the date sorting fixed in this release. Can you confirm that 7.1.5 will fix the problem with Photo Album sorting dates only by the day number?

Not happy with this update at all. Had to reinstall all of my extra themes, plugins and stacks. Had to re register them all as well. Nothing is where it should be. I am NOT happy! You really need to do a much better job before pushing out a Beta as a production file.

It seems like with each point release the quality seems to go down. I would much rather roll back to 7.0.1 as that seemed much more stable than this new crash magnet you have sent out as an upgrade.

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Foundry Theme
Trying to edit partial created on Foundry page but getting error - Foundry Control Centre Stack Missing - not true

RW 7.1.4 goes through the install and relaunch process but doesn’t actually update
Not a new problem of course

RW is not uploading changes only. It uploads my entire site, a recurring issue with almost every recent release for years now. This entire build has been a nightmare. I have been using RW since 2008 and more than half the time the same issue arises with uploading the entire site, in my case over 800 files. I have tried two of the recent 7.1 builds on Sierra with the same result. I have now reverted (for the third time) to El Cap and you have wasted many long hours of my time. Please try and get it right. I will stay with 7.0.4 and El Cap until you do. Sheesh.