Mobile Navigation Menu With RapidWeaver 7 or 8

Hello everyone I am new to the forums and new to using Rapid Weaver.
I am currently testing on re-designing a new website I love what I see so far however when I view the following site on my mobile device (iphone)
and I click on the anchor link “About” it takes me there but the navigation menu bar remains open is there anyway I can make the main-nav bar disappear or auto close after clicking an anchor link without purchasing any other products? Please advise and help me thank you so much!

It looks like you’ve put a “#” before “about” for the folder name in the page inspector . Try removing that and republish all files.

Is an anchor link it has to have the # before the anchor link id.
Take a look at the current website not done in RapidWeaver see how is a single page website and has anchor links on the nagivation menu. I am trying to make this one the same to where when clicking on an anchor link the menu needs to disappear.

[ Edit: Very sorry Jesse - I’m wrong about that. I’ve forgotten a lot about working with non-stack pages. Apparently you can do it with an offsite page to the absolute url of the anchor. I found this thread which may be helpful:
Linking main navigation to a particular part of a page ]

I’ll tag @yuzool who designed the theme to take a look.

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Thanks @thang

Good site with anchor links @jesse_gomez - that theme though uses a “theme drawer” so normally it would be closed as a page navigation would be another page. It wasn’t anticipated to be used with anchors.

To achieve that, you’ll need to write some simple jQuery to take the “is-visible” class off the menu “.main-nav ul” when “about” is clicked :slight_smile:

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Ok thank you

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