Mobile site loading on Android but not Iphone

I have some pages on my site built with mobile/tablet only stacks and desktop stacks. On my android phone the site is working just fine as intended where the mobile is loading, but two of my co-workers phone load the desktop version of the site on their iphone.
I’ve tried looking into if this is a safari issue or a screen size issue and I cant seem to find an answer.
Any ideas?

(Edit) Oops that was silly of me, forgot a link.

A URL would help folks help you.

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Oops thanks. That was silly on my part.

I just answered your question you sent into support, put will post it here, as you can see from this screenshot, you are getting the content of that page from another site and adding it to the page in a Frameset, not sure what that is, but this is the issue.

Also, at the top of the code on that page is this:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">

which is VERY OLD HTML. Most sites that you look at only have this at the top:

<!DOCTYPE html>


Thank you so much!

You were right, that was what was stopping it on the iPhone.

Eric “Tex” Ladouceur

Glad to be of help…

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